Monday, August 31, 2015

Creating Multiple Steams of Income ( my journey)

After writing Mommies Frugal Finds for so long (a money saving blog). I came to the conclusion that it was important not only to address saving money, but, making money! Sometimes you have to look at your life and decide which of these two needs your main focus should be. Should I focus on saving money? Or do I just need more income? Really the answer probably is both but for me right now my main focus is creating more long term income. Yes, i still bargain shop and use coupons as well as many other money saving techniques (see mommiesfrugalf for more on that). Let's ask you a couple questions that can help you decide what your MAIN focus should be right now. Do you always feel like there is never enough time in the day? you probably already work a lot so saving and budgeting is probably the answer Do you feel as though you are living paycheck to paycheck? this could be either Do you feel like you over spend? the answer is probably a better budgeting plan Do you have more time than money? The answer is probably working more and/ finding more ways to generate income Ok so lets get down to it. If you work a lot of hours and theres no time left in your day. You need ro cut your spending first focus on your excess spending. Does your bank break your spending into catergories to track spending? If not find another banknor use a website like Track your spending for a solid month then see where you can scale back. Your fixed expenses like your mortgage and car payment (if you have one, i don't, more on that later). There usually are only a few that are set in stone. Then you have some that are a little more flexible, or negotiable, like credit cards, student loans, medical bills, etc. meaning you could pick up the phone and get a lower payment, more time to pay, etc. depending on your negotiating skills. Then there are things like food, clothing, and household items that you can cut back on. Maybe eat out less, meal plan, use coupons, for clothing shop at consignment stores, garage sales and thrift stores. There are so many ways to save. The first step is setting up a realistic budget that will work for your lifestyle. Next, lets talk about making more money. How do I do that you may be asking. Think about what your hobbies are. If you won the lottery tomorrow. How would you spend your days? Would you be traveling? Would you be reading. Writing that best selling novel you've always dreamed of writing? maybe you love being in front of the camera. Could you be the next youtube star? The key is find your passion and turn that into profit. I love to write. So I blog your myself and others. I love to help others and I find joy in writing these posts. I write for Amazon self publishing. I have written for ehow until it was sold to Demand Media. If you write there is a plethora of opportunites to make money at home, and build long term income. I eill do another sepearte post on this and maybe a vlog. I love to sew, so design, sew and sell clothing and accessories on etsy. I am thinking about taking this in a new direction with my own website but I also considered setting up an ebay store. Ebay, this is something that you can do as well to bring in extra monthly income i only make $100-$200 but money is money, it all adds yo. I probably spend about five hours a week on it. If you think about it thats a pretty nice hourly wage. If I deducated more time to it i could really build a decent side income. I have made enough fr ebay for a vacation so it is possible. Babysitting. I personally don't do this but if you are a stay at home mom. It's worth considering. Direct sales. This is something that I'm really looking into Ones I'm considering.... Nerium Avon Scentsy Younique Beach body There is not one way to make extra money. Do your research. It depends on your skills. The time you have. As well as how it will work with your lifestyle. I will be doing more posts on this subject soon.

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